Here are the 5 most-picturesque marathons you can run in India

Here are the 5 most-picturesque marathons you can run in India

Running a marathon can be exhausting but at the same time, it is all about perseverance and the will to take part. While marathon tourism is increasing in India, the run trail itself can be through pretty forests, gorgeous hills and wildlife sanctuaries. Not all marathons have to be held on concrete and in urban areas but through picturesque trails that can be inspiring for everyone taking part. Here we bring you the 7 most pretty or picturesque marathons in the country you can go for if you want to take part!

Dadi Prakashmani Mount Abu Marathon Run for Universal Brotherhood

Timed Run

Free Registration

The Highest peak of Mountain in Rajasthan is Calling You!

If You Love Running

If You Love Challenge

If You Love to Spread the Message of Peace Then This Run is For You!

A scenic trail that runs through the hills of Arravlis. The Dadi Prakashmani Mount Abu Marathon presents Half Marathon in Mount Abu.

The route is challenging 21.9 Km (863 Ft to 4000 Ft)

From Brahma Kumaris Shantivan (Abu Road -863 Ft) to Brahma Kumaris Om Shanti Bhawan (Mount Abu -4000 Ft)

Ladakh Half Marathon

Taking you through the town of Leh and its outskirts, this half-marathon is 21-kilometre-long. The scenic view of the landscapes of the cold desert mountains and clear blue skies will leave you breathless during and after the run.

Durshet Forest Marathon  

An intoxicating adventure through the forest surroundings and rough terrains during the monsoon and the lush green grasslands of the Western Ghats, this marathon has four categories; 32K, a half marathon, 10K and 5K.

Kaveri Trail Marathon

This marathon is the oldest trail marathon in the country. In its 13th year, it is also one of the most beautiful routes to run in. The train runs through the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, the lush greenery on one side and the Kaveri on the other. There are four categories to run in: full marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K.

Spice Coast Marathon, Cochin

With the swaying palm trees in the background amid the land of spices, this marathon promises endless greenery and resplendent beauty in Kerala. This trail has a historic landmark every kilometre and if history is on your mind, you know which marathon to register for.

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